• Backed by Science

    Course includes teachings from experts in psychology, sports psychology, and mindfulness meditation while incorporating first-hand experience of past anxiety disorder challenges.

  • Convenient

    One 2-4 minute lesson per day plus daily exercises to reinforce learnings, all through one's phone or other device. Nice and simple, easy to follow.

  • Guided

    Daily lessons for 6 weeks straight. No more one and done guest speakers. The Locked In Program is with you every step of the way along your learning journey.

Take Ownership of Your Mental Game

Mental skills can be taught. The Locked In Program is here to guide you.

Performance anxiety. Fear of failure. Inability to concentrate. Lost confidence. These mental challenges and more are tackled in the Locked In Mental Training Program. Start training like a champion today so you can let go and let your talents flow.


Highly recommended!

Doug Allin, Team Canada Fastpitch U23 Men's Head Coach & U16 A Kelowna Heat

I've seen considerable growth in how our players carry themselves on and off the field after they completed the Locked In Mental Training Program. I'd recommend all coaches enroll their athletes through this valuable training.

Phenomenal Course

by Steph (softball)

This course was really good and pushed me to focus to keep myself accountable everyday. I have no improvement notes because it was truly a phenomenal course. Thanks!

Life skills!

Coach Darryl, U16 UTM Revolution (softball)

"These are not only good tools for sport, but dealing with life overall."


Locked In Program Creator

Derek Mayson

An international level athlete with a World Championship and Pan Am Games gold medal during my career, I am the creator of the Locked In Mental Training Program. I know what it takes to succeed at the top level of my sport, fastpitch softball, and have continually studied the mental side of sports throughout my career as I've worked to overcome an anxiety disorder. Now after all of the hard work (and hard times), education and great coaching that's helped me, I want to help others master their mental game and realize their joy and athletic potential!